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About Us

Mission Academy Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit, mission-minded and faith-based organization. We offer service projects for youth and adults to make our communities a better place to live. We are one of the leading agencies in the state of West Virginia that helps connect volunteers to various programs and projects. We help provide the resources for week-long volunteer trips, single day events and weekend retreats.  As a program of Mission Academy, Hands on WV organizes and manages your entire trip allowing you to focus on what is most important – volunteering.  We work with our group leaders to completely cater each trip specifically for our clients’ needs, leaving you in full control of your schedule and what you would like to accomplish.

Your groups will work on challenging construction and demolition projects in communities that will truly be grateful for your help.  With our projects running year-round, your group will pick up where the last group left off, as a part of our never-ending effort to make a difference in communities in need.

Hands On WV believes in a safe and healthy home for every person. This means that we believe disabled and aging homeowners should be able to remain in their homes for as long as possible. We believe that single moms should have a home that in which their children feel safe and at home. We believe that homeowners displaced by natural disasters will get back into safe housing with help from the community. We believe that our nation’s veterans with disabilities and senior adults deserve safe and accessible housing. Hands On WV believes we can preserve affordable home ownership and revitalize communities by providing free home modifications and repairs, making homes safer and more accessible.

Currently a lot of our efforts are on flood relief in Kanawha and Clay counties in partnership with the HOPE Project. We have everything in place for your team to have a productive day or week helping families get back into their homes.


Hands On Clubs

This program is a movement to ignite the power of students to make their mark on the world. Hands On WV Clubs in each of our high schools, we will equip and mobilize students to take action in their communities through service clubs, school campaigns and leadership initiatives.  We will provide the resources, tools and education to help them change the Kanawha Valley, as well as the state of West Virginia, through service projects and helping other local non-profits.

We are also compelled to help the next generation learn  trade skills. This has become a forgotten art in today’s generations. With strong partners like Believe in WV, the YMCA, West Invest and or local trade unions, we believe are on our way to making a difference.


Corporate Work Days

Hands On WV works with corporations of all sizes to meet the town’s and city’s pressing needs through strategic volunteerism. Keeping the size, interest and budget in mind, Hands On develops and manages customer volunteer projects for corporations. Our goal is ensure each participant has a unique and meaningful service experience. We work with a wide array of partners (schools, urban and inter-city programs, community centers, etc.) to offer diverse opportunities designed to build bonds within your team that will truly benefit your organization as well as your city. Just tell us what type of projects you would like to do, and we will get all of the details worked out and materials in place. You have to show up and have a great day!


Church and Community Group Work Day

For the past 15 years, Hands On has been partnering with churches and community groups to meet the needs of their communities and neighborhoods. We specialize in the management of wonderful service project days or weekends that address your church’s or group’s vision for the community. Because of these lasting partnerships, we can easily identify the true needs of your community. Projects can include: home repair, yard work, feeding the homeless, community fairs and a whole lot more. Just tell us what you would like, and our staff will work closely with your church or group to design a fulfilling day for everyone.


Hands On  Help To Other Area Non-Profits

A huge part of our Clubs and Volunteer Days is helping other non-profits in the community. We have so many people just waiting to volunteer.  Food Banks…Shelters…Salvation Army…You name it, and we are here to help. Please call to let us know how we can help your non-profit!
With the help of students, citizen volunteers, skilled trade people, and the support of local businesses and major corporate partners, we make life better for many low-income homeowners every year. Our work positively impacts the condition of the surrounding community through education and volunteer engagement.